Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Summer with K.I.M.

Hello, my name is Joe. I am a 22yr old college student in Southern California. I came to the Philippines to serve Kids International Ministries for a few weeks; little did I know I would get more than I bargained for. I just had an unforgettable summer in the Philippines. Originally I did not plan on spending my entire summer with K.I.M. but luckily I did. I arrived in Manila on the 22nd of June with my fellow teammates from my local church. We planned to spend 3 weeks working with K.I.M., but after 10 days of being impacted by Manila I realized 3 weeks was not enough. So, I decided to stay with K.I.M. for the rest of my summer vacation. The next two months (July-August) gave me memories and experiences I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I split my time between the Children’s Home in Manila and Malaybalay City. I spent a week in the northern province of Isabella. And I took a 58hr truck ride from the northern most island of the Philippines to the furthest island south. In the next week I will be sharing some highlights from my experience in my own words. Keep checking back for those posts!

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