Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Boys: Daily Life in Manila

Meet the Boys. When I have not been spending time in the Provinces, or road trippin', I have been in Manila pulling 8-to-5's with the Boy's. I have become good friends with the construction workers in Manila. K.I.M. has done an excellent job in ministering to the needs of the local squatter community in many ways, and one has been to create jobs for some of the Filipino men in the area--the construction workers. Witnessing these 20+ men in action has been a privilege. They are skilled carpenters, electricians, and masons. Their work ethic is incredible. Every morning they arrive at 8am and leave at 5pm. They work Monday through Saturday. I have not seen one guy miss a day, and they all seemingly enjoy what they do.

Being able to work side-by-side with this group of guys has been an honor to me, and much fun. The day never goes without a joke and a laugh. We come together with humor. We usually admonish each other sarcastically yelling "Malupiton!" (This can mean champion or a kid who needs to be disciplined). We also pass time by singing. It starts with one guy softly singing a Beatles song or Michael Jackson then it builds into three to four guys belting out the chorus.

We laugh together, we work together, and we take time to read together. Beginning in the middle of July we began to have bible study everyday for a half an hour after lunch. Around 1pm we gather around, they read the selected verses in Tagalog and I use Tag-lish. After each trip upon my return they have always asked me, "Joe. Bible study today?" These are my boys.

(Continued series from Joe who spent the summer volunteering in Manila)

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