Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Dream Comes True for Six Couples

Dear family and friends,

While six couples getting married at the same ceremony may seem like something from a movie, it was a real-life event that we were privileged to witness and be a part of this past month. Hopefully these pictures and those included on our blog will give a glimpse of the joy these couples experienced as they honored the Lord and He gave them a dream-come-true wedding.

Though not evident from the pictures here, each couple is extremely poor and lives in the squatter community where Kids International Ministries is involved. These couples have been living together ranging from five to eleven years and have established families. Last fall, the Tagumpay Evangelical Baptist Church, which serves this community, offered in a step of faith to help couples get married by assisting with legal and ceremony expenses.

Since deciding to get married, these six couples have bonded through many special experiences: meeting weekly for group marriage counseling and then enjoying a culminating restaurant meal, seeing God enable them to purchase their wedding attire at $16 per couple, enjoying a ladies’ day at a salon in preparation for their wedding, and seeing the church come together to contribute financially and serve with the wedding arrangements. Indeed, God’s blessings are beyond our dreams and imaginings.

Looking like a scene from Arabian Nights, the room for the ceremony was elegantly decorated with sweeping fabric, hanging beads, and beautiful flower arrangements. Our dim understanding of the depths of these couples’ poverty and all that had been invested to make this day possible seemed to enhance the beauty of the decor. Nevertheless, it was the joy on these couples’ faces, starting with each groom walking down the aisle to get his waiting bride and bringing her to the front to make their commitment before God and others, that made this all very moving.

The photos included here read “Maraming Salamat Po!” —a respectful way of saying “Many Thanks!” from the Project Blessing Couples. This was indeed a project of blessing to these six couples, of which you were a part. Visit our blog to see more pictures of the couples at the wedding and in their homes. Please join us in praying for these couples and their future lives together.

God bless you and yours.
Frank, Kaye, and Rebekah Cherry

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