Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Visit

Liz Philllips (Nashville, TN) and her sister Ellie and brother-in-law Mark Hymes (Kansas City, MO) came to Manila and the NFFCH to provide teacher training on use of the Academic Associates Reading Course—a comprehensive phonics-based reading program—being incorporated into the Cuatro Christian School’s curriculum. Below is a poem Liz wrote of the sights and experiences of being in Manila.

First Visit

By Liz Phillips

Should I go to Manila with Mark and my sis?
Leaving Scott back at home, it would be him I would miss.
Though the kids needed care and money was low,
I was off to the Philippines, friends told me, "Just go!"

The jet lag no fun, all your strength it will sap,
2 a.m. arrival, then tucked in for a nap.
We woke to the sounds, Filipinos out walking,
We peered from our porch, the roosters were cocking.

The sights, sounds and smells; the food, heat and training;
The pool time with Ellie when it wasn't raining.
The jeepneys! The traffic! No one could conceive it!
So many close calls! I still can't believe it!

The time on the train, not my favorite place.
Oh, WOW! It was full! Sardines have more space!
First view of the squatters, sights too sad...Oh, my!
This pen can't convey, I won't even try.

Orphans inside the gate, so well cared for,
Can't help but notice the smiles they wore.
Fed other kids who were hungry, the poorest of poor,
We'd give them their scoop—ran out...needed more.

The sweet time at Erroll's, so proud of his place,
No wealth from this world, just quite rich in grace.
The teachers we trained, those women so dear,
Last day said good-bye, with gifts, hugs and a tear.

How can I say thanks for a privilege so rare?
To learn what I mean, you too can come share!

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