Monday, November 3, 2008

World Racers in Malaybalay

For the last week and a half the world racers have been here in Malaybalay doing amazing work with the children's home. Between construction, working with the kids, and getting involved in the community they will definitely leave a mark on this town. The team helped with two big pours at the new children's home including the main stairs of the home. It was a messy job but they were more than willing to jump right in to the work, even the afternoon after they got off the plane!

The kids are also enjoying having the team around, new friends to play with who have an immeasurable amount of energy for them. There are basketball games every day, card games, puzzles to play with, they are definitely enjoying their new companions. It is easy to fall in love with the children here and the world race team has experienced that first hand.

Besides those two things, this world race team has taken initiative when it comes to working with the community. They are getting involved with the local church, visiting people in the hospital, helping the youth group, getting to know students at the schools, and even singing in the church choir. Their love for these people and excitement about getting involved has encouraged everyone. It has been incredible to watch what they are doing here.

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