Monday, August 11, 2008

School Days

School is going really well. We are almost done with our first quarter. This past month some classes have been able to go on some field trips to Corrigedor and the zoo. We have were able to graduate one of our kinder classes to first grade so we are very excited for those students and they are doing well with their new curriculum. Many of our other students in the grade school will also be graduating to the next grade levels in the next month or so.
All the students love their art, PE and Library classes. I am able to interact with all the students as the Librarian. In the grade school class we are reading "Swiss Family Robinson" and in the younger kids we are reading "Treasure Island." The students love it so much that everyday someone asks me are we having "ribary" today? They can't say library very well.
As we finish this quarter we are also getting ready for a talent show that we will have in September and our tryouts for that will be August 18th. So many exciting things happening with the school.

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