Thursday, May 8, 2008


This past month or so some very cool things have happened in our ministry. A few include but are NOT limited to these.....

1) An organization blessed us with a gift for 30,000.00 usd to begin construction on our children's home in Mindanao.

2) Ted McMillin spent a few days in Manila this week preparing the way for his family to move to Manila(in our midst)for two years this coming July.

3) Nine new children joined our home in Manila(we are right at 40 now)

4) An Aussie work team came for two weeks to work on the children's home construction.

5) Four new children joined our home in Mindanao(we have 15 now)

6) We had a KIM board meeting on April 13th and allowed Jeff to step off the board and welcome Pastor Charlie Robinson, Pastor of Northridge Church in Sabetha, KS to step on.

7) A church gave 33,000.00 dollars over the past six weeks toward the building materials on the expansion of the children's home in Manila.

8) A church from Nebraska gave 5,000 and another church from Lawrence, KS gave 3,000 toward the same effort.

9) Three sewing machines have been donated and women out of the community are using them to sew our school uniforms for the kids who will begin school this coming June, 08. They would like to donate their time, but they have mouths to feed so we pay them 'under' the sewing machine.... ha!

10) Madalon called very excited tonight about a 10,000 dollar check that came in for Mindanao or whatever we deemed important..... It was fun for Madalon and I to realize the importance of a call/personal touch as she had just passed this person's name on to me as I was recruiting in S. California at the time and gave him a call last week... God is good. Lets see what do your think is important? A children's home project in Manila or Mindanao???? I will let you know how the vote comes out.

11) A very old grandma was waiting in the parking lot of the condo today as i left to run errands... I had never seen or met her before , but she greeted me with "Good Morning, Mr. Long" I gave her a ride, explained how we cared for a bunch of kids and I could not give her money, but that I would/could load her up with food.... Thanks for our food bank we have another friend and a person closer to knowing Jesus as their personal savior.

12) We received a call from an International Christian School in Hong Kong and they are bringing over 18 to work on the home in Mindanao, May 17-23.

13) We know of another team that is coming May 25-31 to work on the children home in Manila. They are 50 in all.. Some want to help with kids and others are coming to BUILD!!!

14) Kyle and Jackie are beginning the road toward braces for their teeth..... Not sure they would call that a blessing but mom and dad do!

15) We are excited to welcome a couple to help lead our team in Mindanao. Jeremy and Sarah Moody will be joining our effort spending a time at home this summer to raise support... They are from Oregon in case anyone would like to support their efforts as they return in June, 08.

I hope you excited to be a part of whats going on with KIM,

Jeff and Colene

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James Eubank said...

Thanks for posting this list of blessings. I was able to use it this morning during the missions update time. We're praying for you and your ministry.