Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three More Signs of the Invisible Hand

Healings happening. People coming to know Jesus. A feeding program thriving. Then, comes

Three more signs.


Three more people.

Emily. Rose. Gina.

Emily found my team and invited us into her home as soon as we arrived in Ramaville. She shared with us that her husband use to play the guitar for the church and that he wants to play for us. She asked to have a Bible study at her home. She said she was going to talk to the owners of one of the buildings so that we can host church services there. Her prayer request was that God would send workers, instruments, and a building so that they can have a church in the community.

There is a thirst for fellowship.

Soon after we left Emily's place, Rose invited us into her home. She began to share with us her former involvement at church and how she wanted to have a Bible study in her home as well.

There is a hunger to know and be known by God.

After leaving Rose's home, we ran upon Gina. Gina had been a seminary student for two months and had once been committed to the way of Jesus.

There is an opportunity to serve. An opportunity for a revival of the Spirit.

The first three people we met that morning were the few Christians in that entire community yet in those encounters we recognized the continuing confirmation of God's desire to plant a church there.

Written By: Christine Louie

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