Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Made Unique by God

After spending time with the teenage girls over our 3 trips to Manilla we noticed their low self esteems and were pained by their statements that they thought they were ‘ugly’. It was paced on our hearts to do something with them to try to help them see their beauty that God had given them.

We decided to do a fun filled teenage girls afternoon and sleepover. It was a total surprise for the girls and when we collected them they were told they were coming to do jobs for us. They were not happy! We told them to bring some jeans and a good dress with them as well as their pj’s as they may be working till late. They became a little suspicious and kept asking questions. All I could do is smile and tell them not to ask questions they would see when they got there.

When we got to the green house one of the girls picked up a broom and started sweeping. We got some basins to do foot soaks in and had the girls carry one each into the room. They thought they were going to wash the walls. haha..... I told them to sit on the lounge and that their job for the afternoon was to relax and enjoy themselves. They just looked at me puzzled and asked again.

We rolled up their jeans and stuck their feet in the basins to soak. Each girls received a foot wash and massage followed by a pedicure and manicure. They had a face cleans and then we did their makeup and hair. They were all starting to smile by this stage.

Dressed in their white shirts and jeans we did some photos of each of them on their own and some of them together. After this ordeal they got changed into their good dresses and we took a couple more photos and then took them out for dinner. Some of the girls couldn’t make up their minds what to order and changed their order at least 3-4 times. The food took a while to come and the girls were getting hungry and a little impatient. When dinner arrived they loved it and where flattered by the waiter calling them maam. We returned to the green house after dessert and changed into pj’s and laid on the mattresses on the floor. We gave them facial masks as they watched movies with popcorn, chocolate, candy and soda.

The girls have seen their photos and picked out some they would like printed. They can see that they have outer beauty and that they should be respected for who they are. That it is ok to smile and have fun and that they are all special and beautiful on the inside. Each unique as God made them to be.

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