Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adding Thailand to the list.......

More than four weeks have passed since the destructive typhoons hit Manila and K.I.M. became involved in relief efforts here. During this time, people from New Zealand, Taiwan, United States and the Philippines have made huge efforts in sharing the love of Jesus with suffering people.

This week we added Thailand to the list. A group of ambitious students and staff from Grace International School in Chang Mai, Thailand, who were visiting nearby Faith Academy for a volleyball tournament, wanted to get in on the relief effort.

Here’s a report from Jessica Williams, one of our K.I.M. staff members, who joined in with the Thailand contingent:

“Earlier this week students from Grace International School joined us on our morning feeding program. Half of the group went to an evacuation center where flood victims have been living for over a month now as their homes are still waist-deep in water. Upon our arrival at the crowded gymnasium that has been converted to a living area for about 300 families, children and mothers came running up with their bowls, lining the steps waiting for their food. As soon as you walk past these steps you see rows and rows of sheets hanging up to provide some sort of living space for these families. It is a lot for anyone to take in, and these high school kids who had just arrived that morning responded with such amazing love and enthusiasm! They were so eager to serve and to connect with this Filipino community. It was also an encouragement to look out over the evacuation center from the bleachers and see the bright colors of our K.I.M. shirts all over the gymnasium. There were groups of people passing out food, taking pictures, praying, talking, and even playing chess. I was so blessed to see the willing and compassionate hearts of these students. It's easy to get caught up in the routine of what we are doing here, but the response of the Grace students to those they saw hurting was a refreshing reminder of God's heart for the Filipino people.” (Jessica Williams)

Wow! What an outstanding group of young people. As the students toured the community, schools, the Children’s Home and ministry centers, questions abounded as they realized the potential within themselves to come back some day to impact the people or to do the same right there in Chang Mai. In fact, this visit might result in a double-edged sword as we consider partnering with Carl and Laurie Ralston of Remembernhu who are actively involved in building several Children's Homes in their home region, including Chang Mail, Thailand.

It is very rewarding to see so many people from around the world joining the effort to keep kids out of harm’s way.

Wowed again after another great day,

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