Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Settled In

Here we are, only to here a few days, and things around here is continuing to change. The staff meeting that I had to hurry back to on Monday was postponed until Tuesday due to an intern at the camp getting appendicitis. Larry and Belen, two of the house parents, had to take him to the hospital for a diagnosis and treatment. Praise God that he was seen in a timely manner and had surgery and is now in recovery.

We rescheduled the meeting for Tuesday afternoon, and again after hurrying back from town to be on time, when I arrived, I found we had just admitted two new kids, Roldan and Eric, to our home. Their family had asked a couple weeks ago if we could take them and another brother, but we were waiting for a home assessment prior to accepting them. Unfortunately we had to decline the other brother who has special needs, because at this point we don't have the ability to provide proper care for him. So about when the meeting was scheduled to start, we were busy accepting these new ones to our home. Thankfully the nurse from Manila, Marilyn Curtis, is visiting for the week, so she helped get them off on the right track with bathing, medication and such.

We eventually did get to our meeting. We had a good opening time of discussion of roles and responsibilities, as well as orienting Sarah and I to what everyone is responsible for. We were also able to decide on some changes in scheduling due to the different requirement of our new location. I believe everyone left the time encourage that we had worked through a few problems and we had a plan for moving forward. Thanks again for covering us with your prayers.

For the next couple of days, we will be focusing on going through the accounting and getting the financial records up to date, as well as getting the new kids accustomed to the home. We are also preparing for the kids from the Manila home to come visit for two weeks, which is a large undertaking.Here are some specific prayer requests as well:

1. Health for the children's home kids. One, Cedric, currently has the mumps, and the new boy Eric, seems to be ill with something and will be going to the doctor soon for a checkup.

2. Continued unity for the staff, and for grace and patiences a we get to know them and they us.

3. Funding to continue the construction of the children's home and camp site. We currently have one unit complete, and three more partially done. As news of our home grows, we are receiving more requests for children to be place here, and I believe we will be needing more room soon.

4. Favor with immigration as our missionary visas are being processed.

5. A more permanent place for our family to live. So far none of the houses that are available have been acceptable to our board. One idea is to begin the building of our administrator's home. We have a lot provided, but as with everything, we would need God's financial provision to proceed with this right now.

6. Smooth planning and the ability to finish all of the projects for a fun and successful visit by our Manila home, who will be arriving on March 14th.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and pray for us, we are so grateful and excited to be here and be involved, working to serve these kids in Malaybalay.



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