Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Perspective

Hey ya'll, here is some news from the nursery. Daisy was gone for about three weeks, down in Mindanao at the other children's home. So instead I (Elizabeth) spent some time taking her place with the babies.
Things have been running at full speed, with six (recently seven) babies and their needs. Baby seven is a girl! Leila will be with us for two months while her foster family is in the States. All the other babies, especially Moses, seem to love her a lot. Moses will come up and just pat her gently on the head or lay his head next to hers. It is the sweetest thing to see :)
Moses and Angel have this new routine every night. After all the showers are done and the other babies are in bed, they go bug hunting. They started one night because Moses noticed a bug on the ground and Angel just had to come see. At first they were both terrified of the bugs and would both shriek and run to me for safety! But now, Angel is not scared of the bugs anymore, so she picks up the bug and chases after Moses, making him scream. I laugh so much when they do that!
The twins are growing like crazy. They are standing up and even walking with help now! When they wake up from their naps (or don't want to take naps) they stand up in their cribs and hold on to the edge. I love walking into the room and seeing them standing there, they are so big now! The twins and Leila are crawling everywhere now, getting into everything and chewing on everything too.
Andrew is such a joy. We have a game, where he sits on my lap and then stands up and tries to run away. but he is just toddling, so he usually does not get very far until I grab him and put him back in my lap. He laughs so hard when that happens, and that makes me laugh too. His laugh is very infectious :)
Kenth is sitting up with help, sometimes he does it on his own but usually his head is so wobbly that he can't. He is such an angel though! He can lay on the ground and play with toys for a long time, and he is doing really well at rolling over. When I look at Kenth I see God's handiwork; even though he is not the healthiest baby he is still so joyful and smiles all the time. I can learn a lot from Kenth, that even during times in life when things are not perfect, I can still be joyful and smiling.
There is so much going on in the nursery every day, new adventures, games and experiences. Pray for the babies, for their continued good growth and health. I thank God that He has brought the babies into my life!

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