Saturday, October 31, 2009


Typhoons come and go…, international news headlines come and go…, the suffering continues.

Kids International Ministries has never before been involved with extended relief work. In the past, in the aftermath of such storms, we were accustomed to the problems of flooding in a big city of congested canals, rivers, and streets: people need help, roads need cleaned off, the river banks that were hours before overflowing recede, and the ebb and flow of living in this country goes on. Normally we just help pick up the pieces and allow folks to move on with their lives.

Not this time… The typhoons left a path of destruction that will not soon be forgotten. Why? The water remains and will for several more weeks; people, friends, strangers, kids, and old folks are left in stagnant, disease-ridden water that won't leave their homes, streets, and back yards. People are hurting, suffering, dying. This is not something you can turn your back on and hope they will come out ok.

We are sharing devotions, food, supplies, vitamins, and medicines, and imploring people to continue to help. Help is coming…another food container is on its way as the one we received in August, which usually lasts our efforts for 9-10 months, will be depleted in a few weeks. Servers are coming. Some we know, some only God knows. One such case was a Filipina Christian nurse who, after seeing our province under water and the people in pain, Googled and found our website, emailed, and WOW—God gave us a volunteer nurse for the next 4 months! Other God-sent people have arrived from Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand, and of course Filipinos helping Filipinos. Old friends from the U.S., Hong Kong, and Korea are returning to lend additional help. God is good and is drawing people to His Son who suffered the most by dying for us on the cross.

Our message of hope remains, and so we continue to bring God's restoring relief plan.

Jeff for the countless people who are helping

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pastor Ray

A favorite word of mine for years in raising our kids was the idea of “balance.” Today my kids often hear me talk about “doing their part.” Short-term teams or missionaries who arrive in the Philippines typically hear the same theme as I joke with them about exploiting their God-given talents during their time of service. The truth is that all of us have passions and gifts God has given us to use for His kingdom.

While we have many friends around these islands, one of my favorite groups of people are the Provincial Pastors. These guys live on nothing. It’s flat out amazing to see their homes, churches, empty pockets, and empty cupboards. The people they serve usually have little "materially" as well, and yet they are very content, very happy people. I guess that’s why I love hanging with them.

As an example, Pastor Ray travels over 12 hours from the north to visit us each month. He comes to serve and share God's word with our construction guys, encourage me, go to my son Kirk's games, and teach our children's home kids how to garden. A few months ago our “Magnificent Seven” construction crew was able to bless Pastor Ray and his family by building them a new home in about seven days. It was our way of thanking him for what he does faithfully each month as he shares God’s word and disciples our men and our kids.

Pastor Ray is definitely doing his part and playing a key role.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

World Compassion Network

Partnering with great people and organizations yields great results. Please help Joe, Josh, and Clark help more people around the world.

World Compassion Network

Monday, October 19, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Stats........

Many people have been asking about the people in our area that have been impacted by the recent typhoons to hit the Philippines....

Our organization, family and friends have established six feeding/medical stations for the purpose of on going relief work. Many experts are saying the water in the flooded areas will not recede until January. We are committed to helping these areas all the while working with local Pastors, churches and govt offices to insure they get the credit and God gets the glory... Even through suffering God can bring Jesus to the hearts of people...

Thanks for praying,


Here are a few things I found from this article:

Tropical storm "Ondoy" (international name Ketsana) caused an estimated P4.8 billion in damage across the Metro Manila, Central Luzon and Calabarzon regions, the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) said Thursday.

In its latest report, the NDCC also pegged the number of fatalities to 277. The death toll is expected to rise pending reports from local government officials.

According to the NDCC, more than half a million people - or 686,699 persons to be exact - were affected and are now staying at 726 evacuation centers.

The extent of damage was broken down as follows: P1.59 billion for infrastructure and P3.216 billion for agriculture.

A total of 4,644 houses were damaged, more than half of them totally destroyed.

Last Saturday, Ondoy brought unprecedented rainfall in the metropolis of 341 millimeters in the first six hours alone, breaking the record for the highest 24-hour rainfall of 334 mm in Metro Manila in June 1967.

Missionaries Marilyn and Jessica are meeting the needs of lots of kids and adults.... Keep praying for their strength as they lead the charge.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Short Term Missions Matter!

It’s been over a week now since the typhoon hit and left unthinkable numbers of people flooded out, displaced or dead. These are not easy times for these people. These are not easy times for relief efforts either—not that we have anything to complain about. God saw fit months ago to line up a team from New Zealand to arrive a day after the storm, and as they transition on to help another ministry, a group from Taiwan has arrived for a week's worth of work.

Short-term teams continue to play a huge role in what Kids International Ministries is able to do in the Philippines. We see passionate people using their God-given abilities to impact our Children's Homes, schools, and the surrounding communities; now the circle of love has increased as we give out water, food, vitamins, clothes, etc. in Jesus’ name.

Had it not been for these two teams, our efforts would have been minimal. We simply did not have the human resources to sustain what these folks have accomplished and will yet accomplish. God's timing was perfect months ago as we planned the dates for these arrivals.

God's plans for your adventure to the Philippines is perfect also. If you have the time, we have the cause. People need help in Manila today and in the days and weeks to come.

Won't you join us?